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As a photographer, I see the world in pictures. I focus on emotions and the climate of the situation; The moment I capture forever without neglecting the technical aspects of the image.

I am very communicative, which makes working with me easy and pleasant. I always try to collaborate and guide the model by using my extensive experience in portrait and studio photography.


Individual exhibitions

2017.10 „ Spirit of Oliwa district” GTF Galery Individual exhibition
Colective exhibitions:
2017.12 „Sea legend of Gdynia” Gdynia City Hall
2017.10. „Sea legend of Gdynia” Gdynia’s Film Centre
2017.10. Jubilee GTF exhibition
2017.10. „Real Portrait V” Nowytomyśl
2017.04. „70-year jubilee of GTF” Uphagen House – Historical Museum of Gdańsk
2016.03. „ Duets” Orunia Station in Gdańsk
2016.03. „GTF 2015 Exhibition of Artistic Photography” Library of Oliwa Dostrict in Gdańsk
2016.02 „Wanted” Gdynia’s Film Centre
2015.11 „Gdynia And Nude Art” exhibition due to Fourth Polish Festival of Pinhole Photography. Zabrze
2015.11 ”Around Klimt” Old-Town City Hall of Gdańsk
2015.10 „ Real Portrait III” Nowytomyśl
2015.07 „Colours of Forest”, Prabuty
2015.03 „A Piece If World” Artur’s Manor, Gdańsk
2015.02 „Autoportrait”, Library of Oliwa District, Gdańsk
2014.11 „GTF:2014 Exhibition of Artistic Photography” yearly colective exhibition, Manhattan Library, Gdańsk wystawa fotografii Artystycznej″
2014.09 Woman in Smithy part 2, Water Smithy in Oliwa
2014.05 „Life of Gdańsk”, Uphagen House Gdańsk / 2014.09 – Atrium Galery, Elbląg
2013.11 „Brollies, umbrellas” colective exhibitions, Artur’s Manor, Gdańsk
2013.06 „GTF:2013 Exhibition Ad Artistic Photography” yearly colective exhibition, Manhattan Library, Gdańsk


2017.10 Real Portrait V Honorable Mention
2017.09 Sea Legned of Gdynia I and III płace, four pictures picked for after competition exhibition
2016.01 Portrait – Honorable Mention
2015.10 Real Portrait – Honorable Mention
2014.04 Panatenius Jacht foto – Honorable Mention